Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zip & Dry™ Apron

Aprons have definitely come back into style. There are a ton of manufactures that make really cute trendy aprons, but sometimes they don’t offer enough coverage to keep my clothes clean. When I am making a really messy meal or frying foods I want an apron that is functional. Recently, I just found an apron that I love, the Zip & Dry™ apron.

Just Perfect, Inc. has recently created a revolutionary apron, the Zip & Dry™,that has an absorbent towel attached to the bottom of it. While I was cooking I couldn’t believe what a time-saver it was to reach down and have a towel right at my finger tips. After washing my hands or taking a wet dish out of the dishwasher, I simply used the bottom of my apron instead of walking across the kitchen to get a towel. When you are ready to clean the towel, you unzip it from the bottom of the apron and throw it in the washing machine. Plus, it offered me the coverage that I was originally looking for and it was stylish. I got the blue apron trimmed with orange.

Besides the Zip & Dry™ apron, Just Perfect, Inc. manufactures the Grab&Dry® , which are gloves made from absorbent towel material. These gloves are used for drying dishes and totally eliminate fingerprints on glasses. Plus, with a water resistant lining your hands won’t get soaked. To order either of these products, visit


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

What a fabulous idea!