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October 2006

Grab and Dry!


Heres an invention that really sells! GRAB & DRYTM is a Patent-Pending pair of gloves especially designed for drying dishes, particularly fine and delicate china and crystal. They can also be used for drying or polishing other household and kitchen items.


We all have experienced the fight with regular kitchen towels how they get twisted and wrapped around objects, making the job of drying or polishing cumbersome. GRAB & DRYTM s five-finger design allows the user to hold the object with total security. In addition, hands are covered, so handling is easier and no fingerprints are left on glasses and dishes. They work wonders on dry sharp items as well as broken and chipped china and glasses. GRAB & DRYTM's unique design and highly absorbent material get the job done faster by eliminating the need for changing towels mid-way, and by allowing a secure grip on objects.


These unique gloves have two layers: The outer layer is made from a special cotton terry-cloth material that is highly absorbent and can dry up to 100 items at a time. The silky soft polyester lining has been especially treated to be waterproof.


These terrific drying mitts are now available in three colors: Classic White, Soft Yellow, and Beautiful Pink. Customers LOVE them and many purchase more than one pair to give away as gifts to friends and family. These are a hot product that will sell through and have you calling for re-orders!


Merchandising Tips

In-store displays are easy to set up and signage stressing the fact that they can dry up to 100 items at a time makes this product an easy sell for retailers! Find an old sink, dish rack and pile of old china dishes and simply mound the gloves next to them. Its hard to pass this display by without at the very least, touching the gloves and reading the signage.




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