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Look! Zip & Dry™ Apron

2009_02_16-ZipDryApron.jpgWe love this apron idea from the US-based company Just Perfect, which adds a zip-off towel along the bottom of a regular apron bib. What do you think?


The bottom of our apron tends to get a lot dirtier than the top. We're always using it to wipe off our hands, quickly dry a knife blade, or pick up hot dishes when the oven mitts can't be found.

We like that we could just zip off the bottom towel portion of this apron and throw it in the wash along with our regular kitchen towels. The towel portion would also be more absorbent than a regular apron, which makes it a better tool for all those extra tasks we use it for!

If you have access to a sewing machine, this would also make a fairly easy DIY project. It would be a simple matter of buying a zipper and cutting up a few towels to fit an old apron.

If you've been wanting a new apron, definitely check this one out!

The Zip & Dry Apron™ comes in three different colors and is available for $39.95 from Just Perfect.

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(Images: Just Perfect)


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