The Ultimate Way to Dry Your Dishes

We've all experienced the fight with regular kitchen towels - how they get twisted and wrapped around objects, making the job of drying or polishing a real chore. Here's an invention that is innovative, unique and really does the job! GRAB & DRY is a Patent-Pending pair of gloves ($19.99 per pair), especially designed for drying dishes, particularly fine and delicate china and crystal. They can also be used for drying or polishing other household and kitchen items.

GRAB & DRY's five-finger design allows you to hold the object with total security... no dropped crystal smashed on the kitchen floor. Your hands are covered, so there are no fingerprints left on glasses and dishes. These unique gloves have two layers: the outer layer is made from a special cotton terry-cloth material that is highly absorbent and can dry up to 100 items at a time. The inner, silky soft polyester lining has been especially treated to be waterproof eliminating "dishpan hands".

Yes, I have a dishwasher, but I use my Grab and Dry Gloves for any fine china, wine glasses, or when I have a ton of dishes from a large gathering... remember, they can dry up to 100 items at a time! Available in three colors, this is one housekeeping item that has a place in every kitchen. Makes a great gift!

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