Grab and Dry-Absorbent dish drying gloves is your “helping hand”

The kitchen towels that we use wrap uncomfortably around objects to make the task highly irksome. To combat this problem, the designers shaped the Grab and Dry, which is a five-finger pair of highly absorbent gloves which allows the user to hold the object firmly and with maximum security. The best feature about the Grab and Dry gloves is that it covers both hands and also no ugly fingerprints are left on the glasses and dishes. It consists of two layers and the first layer is made from a special type of highly absorbent terry-cloth which can dry up to 100 dishes at a time. And the waterproof lining inside is silky-soft polyester. The Grab and Dry have reversible thumb which enables the user to wear the gloves on either hands, also the gloves accommodates most hand-types.


by editor, posted September 20, 2007 - 3:51 AM in Home Improvement | Comments ()