Clever clothing for the kitchen

April 30th, 2009 in Blogs      ShareThis
DMickelsen Denise Mickelsen, contributor
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Photo: Photo courtesy of Just Perfect, Inc.

Press releases about new kitchen products flood my email inbox every day. Some are great, some not-so-great. This new item, the Zip & Dry by Just Perfect, Inc., falls firmly on the great (and fun) side of things, in my humble opinion. Maybe that's because I'm constantly reaching for a towel while cooking, to wipe up spills, dry my hands, or take something hot out of the oven. How convenient it would be if the towel were attached to my apron!  I like that you can unzip and wash the towel separately, too. My only quibble is whether the zipper is, as the website proclaims, tremendously beautiful... but I'll let you be the judge!

What do you think of the Zip & Dry?  Great or not-so-great?

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